Providing High Speed Fiber Optic and Wireless Data Communications for Rural Texas

Serving Yoakum County
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We are headquartered in Plains, Texas

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Incredibly Fast, Low Latency, High Reliability

We are directly connected to Dallas with multiple Fiber connections and diverse routes. We use the latest technology to automatically pick the best route and maintain services though power failures and fiber cuts. Our goals are to provide high bandwidth and low latency, great customer service with Zero Downtime - all at Fair pricing!

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Support your local Internet Service Provider and We support the Community

Community Support

We have been investing in your community since 2014 and support local business and employ locally as well.

A majority of the money you spend with us is returned to the Texas communities and we pay taxes in Texas as well. We also support community activities and always have.

We donate to the Rodeo, Church Functions, Plains Schools, Chamber of Commerce and more.

We supply internet for free to the Watermelon Roundup and to the Plains High School for Football broadcasts.